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Image for HCPS and the County Fair - more than just The Little Red Schoolhouse!
The Greater Hillsborough County Fair gives HCPS students many opportunities to showcase their talents in a variety of areas, including art, photograpy, livestock, horticulture and school programs.

HCPS and the County Fair - more than just The Little Red Schoolhouse!

October 23, 2017 - Points of Pride

The Hillsborough County Public School's Little Red Schoolhouse. located on the Greater Hillsborough County Fairgrounds (GHCF) in Dover, comes alive during the fair. This year, seven schools (Dowdell, Progress Village, Muller, Riverhills, Alexander, Dover and LaVoy) and magnet arts programs are showcased in the building, but that is just the tip of what HCPS students contribute to the overall success and enjoyment of the county fair.

According to the GHCF website, "Fairs are an American tradition dating back to the independence of this country. Fairs play an important role in showcasing the agricultural,  educational and industrial history and social fabric of a community.  The Greater Hillsborough County Fair focuses on family fair tradition in Hillsborough County. We know the importance of providing wholesome family fun rooted in many years of tradition that are a large part of our county fair. With a variety of free entertainment, events and community competitions and a family fun Midway, our county fair offers something for everyone!"  

Students (and adults, of course) can compete, participate, showcase and hone their skills in categories that include fine arts, photography, quilting, sewing, knitting, growing plants, raising livestock, training animals, and lots of other areas of interest at the fair.  After event judging, blue, red, and white champion ribbons can be found on the cages, display cases  and pens of goats, swine, beef, turkeys, rabbits, chickens, photos, watercolor and oil paintings, and crafts of all kinds.  Students, as individuals or as members of 4-H or FFA, are able to participate in the 2017 Harvest Queen and Junior Harvest Pageant, compete for scholarships such as the Hillsborough County Cattlewomen’s Kelly Nobles Memorial Scholarship, win money for decorated hay bales and agriculture growth programs, and sell their livestock.  

This year the fair dates are from October 19 - 22, and then again from October 26 - 29.  For more information about rides, tickets, displays and other attractions at the Fair (rodeo, tractor pull and demolition derby), visit  


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