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Celebrating our Graduation Champions in our Schools

January 12, 2018 - Student Success

Behind the walls of each school are hundreds of stories about triumph, set-backs, and perseverance. One thing that is constant in each student is that they are all working hard to strive for excellence academically to earn their high school diploma and becoming contributing members of our workforce and community.

One of these students you will find in seventh grade at Mulrennan Middle School and her name is Tia-Jahmati Tim. When you first meet Tia you are taken back by her maturity and politeness at such a young age. You can see in her eyes that the struggles of her past although aren’t forgotten they do not define her or her future.

This flag football playing, nature-loving girly-girl recently experienced a change of home environment, and was welcomed into a loving new family. Despite changes in her personal life, Tia remains a positive, goal-oriented student who is always striving to improve her grades. Daily Tia monitors her grades, and asks to come to guidance for academic advising to progress monitor any C’s and work on strategies to get all A’s and B’s. She works hard setting personal goals for herself in order to achieve honor roll status.

“The reason that I wanted to share Tia’s story is because she is always positive and always trying to see the positive side of things even when she has experienced a lot of change personally. I am very proud her and she is an inspirational student here at Mulrennan Middle School,” said Kimberley Welsh, seventh grade school counselor.

Tia loves solving problems and experimenting, so she is looking forward to the math and science courses offered in high school, and has her sight set on attending Florida State University to get a degree in Criminal Justice so that she can become a police officer or work in an industry supporting children.

“I have learned not to give up, because certain kids give up if they are going through a lot or think they can’t do it. I keep striving to accomplish my goals and dreams because when you do that you achieve it and can learn a lot,” said Tia.

Tia has many Graduation Champions helping her through her academic journey from her teachers to her counselor’s Falon Williams and Kimberly Welsh. But one Graduation Champion that truly stands out in Tia’s eyes is her foster mom, who reminds her each day that she is beautiful inside and out. She supports her physical, mental and spiritual state, and encourages her to write in a daily journal to focus on all the things she can accomplish in life.

“Tia’s character growth and desire to become a better person, coupled with her loving disposition has been a blessing to our family,” said Yves and Jennifer Johnson, Tia’s proud parents.

Tia’s teachers say she is a joy to teach and works hard to master difficult concepts. On any given day you will find Tia in class leading a group discussion with her peers, always being mindful of her behaviors while respecting both her peers and adults. There is no doubt, she will go on to do great things.

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