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Travelers Get a Holiday Treat from Lamb's Chorus

December 22, 2017 - Points of Pride

Traveling can sometimes be stressful, but The Lamb Lightning Chorus hoped to put Tampa International Airport travelers in a festive mood with a holiday concert in the Main Terminal.

“I’m hoping that our singing can make people happy. If they’re sad, make them happy,” said Chris, a Lamb Elementary School fifth grader.

Passengers, visitors awaiting flights, and airport workers stopped to listen to the music, relax and take pictures.

“My hope is people would see as they go by that there is a lot of positive influence going on, there’s positive things happening for the kids, that they’re working together as a group. Hopefully it’ll lift them up a little bit to hear them singing all together,” said Jon Oosterling, Lamb Elementary music specialist.

Students from Lamb’s Gifted Program researched and shared information about the history of the songs. 

“I’m like a music person. I like to sing a lot,” said Taylor, a fifth grader.

“It’s kind of a dual purpose, where the kids get the opportunity to perform the things they’ve worked a lot on. At the same time, they get to kind of bless the people that get to hear it,” said Oosterling.

The chorus took on the holiday classics like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Feliz Navidad,” as well as popular songs like “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars.

Oosterling believes performing in the community benefits the students by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent and see new places.

“They can go to somewhere they haven’t been before and may not have seen before, and get a chance to do what they’ve worked on.  We’ve worked for months on putting this all together, so they put a lot of effort into it,” said Oosterling.

“I really hope that people take away from this, getting in the festive spirit. Even if they don’t like Christmas, I hope they start liking Christmas after this,” said Chris.

The concerts are also a way for the students to connect with the community. The chorus recently visited Aston Gardens in Sun City to sing for the seniors who live there.

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