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Strawberry Crest High School students Whipped, Nae Nae-ed, and Shuffled their way into Celebrating their Academic Success

February 06, 2018 - Student Success

Last week over 1,200 students at Strawberry Crest High School entered their football stadium on a picture-perfect afternoon to celebrate their academic success. This Academic Incentive Celebration was created by Strawberry Crest’s Problem-Solving Leadership Team (PSLT). It stemmed from the realization that there are celebrations and incentives in place for those on Honor Roll and implementations in place for at-risk and lower-performing students, but there was nothing in place to acknowledge those students who might not fit into either of those boxes, and are also hard-working, dedicated students. 

In order for students to receive a wristband to enter the celebration students had to earn an A, B, or C for final grades in all classes, have no more than five absences, and no discipline issues.

“I had bad grades and knew I had to work hard to get them up and now I am here! I have always struggled in English and I got an A,” said Preston Darkes.

At the celebration, students enjoyed an afternoon pizza party, with full reign of the football field for physical activity, and a dance party on the track with a DJ spinning all the students’ favorite songs.

“We have been working on this for the last couple of years and it has truly been a complete group effort, from administration to school counselors and PTSA volunteers all coming together to celebrate the students who achieved a goal. We held the bar high for them and it was a wonderful day to celebrate their efforts,” said Jeanine Amin, Strawberry Crest assistant principal for student affairs.

This schoolwide event was an opportunity to take grade recognition to another level. The PSLT hopes to challenge the chargers each semester, making this a tradition for years to come.

As a whole, all students at Strawberry Crest put forth the time and effort that contributed to the school’s 95% graduation rate and they deserve all the praise.

We are proud of all of our committed HCPS students on the path to graduation.

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