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Image for Alexander Elementary Earns 2017-2018 Ryan A. Raines Energy Conservation Award
Alexander Elementary was awarded a $1,000 check and a permanent plaque to proudly display their accomplishment.

Alexander Elementary Earns 2017-2018 Ryan A. Raines Energy Conservation Award

February 15, 2018 - Points of Pride

Alexander Elementary School earned the 2017-2018 Ryan A. Raines Energy Conservation Award for their outstanding energy conservation. As the recipients of this award, they received a $1,000 check to reinvest in educational programs at the school site and an Energy Conservation plaque showcasing their schools' outstanding accomplishment.

Since 2009, Ryan's parents Dwight and Laurie Raines, former Hillsborough County Public School educators, have proudly sponsored and presented this award in honor of their son's memory and to keep his legacy alive- raising awareness about energy conservation.

Alexander Energy Saving Accomplishment

Alexander Elementary reduced their energy consumption by 10 percent (68,184 kilowatts per hour) compared to last year. This is equivalent to one month of energy in the Summer or two months of energy in the Fall or Winter.  Approximately $7,500 of energy savings that will funnel back in the district to support schools.

 All achieved by maintaining proper HVAC & lighting schedules, and verifying all door & windows are closed.

1. Reduced electrical consumption from 658,087 kWh to 589,903 kWh for the year
2. Reduced total electricity cost by 8.9%
3. Reduced consumption rate from 9.1 kWh/SF to 8.2 kWh/SF


Ryan A. Raines Legacy

A native of Tampa, Ryan Raines attended Chamberlain High School and the University of South Florida. Ryan worked as an energy conservation mentor with Hillsborough County Public Schools. Dwight Raines remembered when his son Ryan, "worked as an energy conservation mentor for the Hillsborough County School System. [He was] charged with finding ways to conserve energy for our planet. This was truly his calling. He loved his job and co-workers with a passion unmatched by anyone. There are very few people who could walk into any room and suddenly the room becomes brighter. Ryan had that quality."

Ryan's predecessor, Kenny Otero, Area 2 Energy Conservation Mentor shared that Ryan laid the groundwork for energy conservation and building strong relationships with his schools and principals. 

A growing number of students, staff, and faculty embrace the energy conservation program at our campuses and that's a direct result of the mentors' commitment and Ryan's Rains Legacy of Energy Conservation. See Video Clip

About Energy Conservation

There are (6) six Energy Conservation Mentors who help support and guide schools in saving energy and money on their sites for the school that could funnel back into educational programs. Through presentations and programs, students learn how they can make a difference each and every day through energy conservation. To learn more about Energy Conservation at Hillsborough Schools, visit:



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