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Image for Math Coach earns high honor as a Charles A. Dana Center International Facilitation Fellow
Math Coach Sherry Terle shared her love of teaching math with American teachers in Europe

Math Coach earns high honor as a Charles A. Dana Center International Facilitation Fellow

November 02, 2015 - Employee Excellence

Sherry Terle, a Math Coach at Clair Mel Elementary School, was recently honored as a Charles A. Dana Center International Facilitation Fellow. The Dana Center works with the Department of Defense Education Agency to make sure teachers provide consistent, high-quality math instruction to children whose parents are in the military across the globe.  Terle was one of more than 80 participants chosen from 200 applicants.   “This role is one of high honor and distinction and represents outstanding service to our country,” said Katey Arrington of the Dana Center.  The new project aims to ensure that Latino, African American and other underrepresented minority students all have effective educational experiences that will set them up for future success. Terle recently returned from her assignment in Italy.  As a result of her experience with the Dana Center, Sherry feels that, I am better equipped to adapt my coaching practices, instruction, and implementation of the standards…to meet the learning needs of every student.”

After previously working in the hospitality industry, Sherry began her teaching career eight years ago. When asked about transitioning into the teaching field, Sherry said, “I always understood the power of education.”  As a math teacher, she found a love for working with the “struggling” students, and now as a math coach, “I am focused on doing whatever I need to do to help students be successful.”  If you ask some of the students in Mrs. Ross’s 4th grade classroom, they agree that whatever Ms. Terle is doing, it’s working.  Kane says, “Ms. Terle gives us a better idea of what to do, and how to help us find the right answers.”  Leonora feels that her math coach “makes math less complicated.”  Chris says having a math coach “helps me get better at math, and it helps my teacher by showing her new strategies where we can put our heads together and figure out the problems.”

When asked about being awarded the fellowship from the Dana Center, she said, “I have gained professional growth through the training, delivery of services, and connectivity to a national network of Fellows. The opportunity to work with other educators throughout our nation and travel abroad to facilitate trainings on the College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics as a representative of the Charles A. Dana Center to the Department of Defense Education Activity was in itself remarkable.”  “Remarkable” is a great description of Sherry Terle, who in addition to her Math Coach duties is also the Safety Patrol sponsor and the facilitator/organizer for Clair Mel’s STEAM Night, which will be held on November 19, 2015.  It is interesting to note that Sherry’s signature block for her emails closes with the following quote, which pretty well sums up her basic philosophy of coaching and teaching math, “In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.” (Georg Cantor, 1845-1918)

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