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Policy Manual

5230 - Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

It is necessary that a student be in attendance throughout the school day in order to benefit fully from the educational program of the District.

The Board recognizes, however, that from time-to-time compelling circumstances require that a student be late to school or dismissed before the end of the school day.

As the agent responsible for the education of the children of this District, the Board shall require that the school be notified in advance of such absence by the student's parent who shall state the reason for the tardiness or early dismissal. Justifiable reasons shall be determined by the principal.

Unless the permission of the parent or legal guardian of record is first secured, no student shall be permitted to leave school prior to dismissal at the request of or in the company of anyone other than a school employee, a police officer with judicial authority, a court official, or the parents of the student. Parents or legal guardians may have access to the student or may grant permission to allow the student to leave school prior to dismissal unless the school has been provided with evidence of a legally binding instrument or court order governing such matters as divorce, separation, or custody which provides to the contrary. Unless otherwise stated in or by a court order, the parent of primary residential custody shall determine in writing, the individual(s) to whom the student may be released.

No student shall be sent from school grounds to perform an errand or act as a messenger except with the approval of the principal and only for urgent and necessary school business and with the consent of the student's parents or legal guardians.

No student who has a medical disability which may be incapacitating may be released without a person to accompany him/her without the consent of the student's parents or legal guardians.

F.S. 1001.43

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