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Dowdell Middle School

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Learning comes naturally


At Dowdell Middle Magnet we are developing successful and environmentally conscious students. We are the only Middle Magnet School in our district to focus on Environmental Studies and Animal Sciences. Our dedicated community partnerships help teach our students make a positive impact on our environment. Dowdell embraces our neighborhood roots while our magnet program branches out to students from across our district. Our Scholar Quest options include Algebra, Environmental and Physical Science, Agriscience, Agriculture and Digital Information Technology. Students experience hands-on learning with animals in our Aquaculture Lab, learning about the fastest growing forms of food production in the worldThrough Electives, our students sample a range of exciting courses—engaging in Business Technology, Band, AVID college readiness and more. Dowdell’s caring teachers value connecting with their students, starting with our Sixth Grade Structure, which helps students feel at home in their new learning environment. Dowdell Middle, where learning comes naturally.

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Sixth Grade Structure

Our sixth grade structure is designed to group students who are new to middle school together for their first year as they become comfortable with the dynamics of their new school.

Scholar Quest

Scholar Quest engages students in accelerated courses, featuring advanced academics and unique future-focused career learning opportunities. Courses often allow students to receive high school credits.


Sample several fascinating subjects as a 6th grade student before taking a deeper dive into the fields that interest and inspire you most in 7th and 8th grades.

Clubs & Sports Teams

Spark new friendships, stay active and bring your learning to life in one of more than a dozen clubs, service organizations or sports teams—including boys' and girls' basketball, volleyball, track, soccer and flag football.

Social Emotional Learning

Every middle school student's education includes Social Emotional Learning or "SEL." Our SEL curriculum builds character and resilience, focusing on self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

Nature's Classroom

All 6th grade students join in a multi-day field research study along the Hillsborough River in our 365-acre outdoor educational preserve. Using scientific techniques, students discover our area's vital plant and animal life.

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Academic Competitions

Showcasing skills on a local, state or national stage, our students take part in a range of academic competitions such as Math Bowls, student literacy competitions and Hillsborough's STEM Fair—the largest in the Southeast US.

Career & Technical Education

Prepare for life with Career & Technical Education or "CTE" courses focused on real-world skills that are valuable in today's workforce. Hillsborough Schools is proud to be a state and national leader in CTE offerings.

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School Information

1208 Wishing Well Way
Tampa, FL 33619
  • School Area: Area 4
  • Area Coach: Vacant
  • Phone: (813) 558-1100
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  • Area Superintendent: Owen Young
  • Phone: (813) 740-3710
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  • Website: Area 4

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